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NICE Introduces the Farm Labor Support Program to Region 8

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On Wednesday January 27th 2016 the National Initiative to create employment (NICE), engaged a new group of community members as it continues to foster employment and support the Agricultural sector. This time, NICE held a meeting with farmers and other members of the community to discuss the implementation of the Farm Labor Support Program (FLSP) in region 8, (Ravine Poisson to Cul De Sac).  With the program successfully implemented in regions 1-7 and yielding many positive results for farmers and workers alike, the project has engaged the key stakeholders from the community in the planning process for region eight (8). The introduction of the Farm Labor Support Program (FLSP) in February 2014 was crucial in facilitating the growth and sustainability of the agriculture sector as represented by the increase in food production around the island, and a general a shift in the mindset of persons working within the agricultural sector.

The FLSP is a collaboration between the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production and Rural Development. It was designed to stimulate the agricultural sector through the utilization of specially trained and skilled personnel to serve as “farm laborers” on dormant/inactive/under producing farms or farms that have been forced to close within the past six months or longer due to: high cost of production, unavailability of skilled labor, inability to afford skilled labor, and loss or lack of market share.

The initiative is also an attempt at stimulating the interest of the youth in agricultural production and provides them with an opportunity to experience success through the development of transferable job and life-skills.  The program targets unemployed persons between the ages of 16 – 45 for specialty training in crop production from land preparation through to harvesting.


Persons within region 8 who are interested in participating in the program are asked to contact the NICE Office at 468-2177 or visit the office located on the 3rd floor of the Blue Coral Mall in the William Peter Boulevard.

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